10 Tips For Better Outdoor Photos

1st November,2018
10 Tips For Better Outdoor Photos

Spring is such a wonderful season. It brings nature back to life and lures us humans out from our self-induced Netflix comas. With the warm weather, shimmering ocean and blooming flowers, there’s many beautiful moments to photograph with your phone. And if you nail the shot, you can frame your photos online and hang them on your walls as artwork to enjoy year-round. Here are ten tips for taking better outdoor photos with your camera phone.

1. Clean Your Lens

Image: The Organised Housewife

Food smudges, fingerprints and grime. Chances are, the lens on your camera phone is pretty grubby. Before you shoot, wipe away any excess dust and grim with a microfiber cloth to ensure you don’t get distorted, or blurry-looking photos. Learn how to give your phone a proper spruce up here.

2. Don’t Zoo

Camera phones use the “pinch zoom” method to enlarge your shots, which degrades the quality of your image. To avoid getting grainy, low-resolution shots, try moving closer to the subject by foot. And when this isn’t possible (hello whale breaching out the sea), take the photo from where you are and crop your image later using a photo-editing tool.

3. Flip To Landscape

As the name suggests, landscape orientation is best for photographing, well landscapes! Capture the grandeur of coastal cliffs, beach scenes, mountains, bush and vineyards by shooting them wide and capturing their full surroundings (not just a portion of the story).

4. Turn Off The Flash

The flash on your camera phone is never going to have the ability to properly light up the subject and you’ll end up with something unflattering due to the harsh light. Where possible, make use of natural light where possible, as it is rather beautiful.

5. Work The Angle

Many people photograph everything with their subject smack bang in the middle of their frame. Experimenting with angles and perspective can give you photos that are much nicer and more interesting to look at. Try walking around, standing up or lying down to play with perspective. Or shifting your subject off to one side to capture more of the surrounding context. It can make for a far more interesting story.

6. Hold It Straight

A killer outdoor photo usually comes down to angles. Before you shoot, take a quick look at the horizon to check it looks straight in your viewfinder. The result is a more balanced, professional looking photo.

7. Mind The Sun (Or Don't)

Whilst the sun might feel glorious on your skin while out shooting, too much light flaring from the sun can produce distracting light shards across the entire photo and ruin the image’s colour and contrast. To get around this conundrum, try cupping your camera phone lens with your other hand or changing positions completely to limit the sun exposure in frame. That being said, deliberately capturing lens flares and incorporating them into the visual can leave your photo feeling whimsy and beautiful.

8. Shoot In HDR mode

When photographing high-contrast scenes with bright daylight (did someone say beach?), try switching to HDR mode on your camera phone to balance the photo’s exposure. It won’t be perfect, but it will definitely help reduce those blown out feels from the bright sunlight and hidden shadowy areas.

9. Add A Sense Of Scale To Your Shot

Sometimes conveying how epic something looks is rather tough. Try including a secondary object —a person, an animal, a tree etc. in the frame to give the viewers an idea of scale.

10. Frame Your Photos Online

Cracking outdoor photos should not be wasted in your cloud. Get them printed and framed and hung on your walls to enjoy year round.

Framer is the easy way to frame your photos. Print and frame your favourite outdoor photos online in minutes. In three easy steps you’ll have your photo off your phone and into a beautiful frame. They also make a great gift for the nature lovers in your life. Get started, frame your photos online now.

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