Fresh Walls For Spring

3rd November,2018
Fresh Walls For Spring

With spring finally ‘springing’ we’ve put together our favourite interior tricks to help you bring the beauty of spring inside.

Bring The Outdoors In

Framing your photos and art is a great place to start as it instantly makes your place feel fresh and alive. A vibrant photo of nature will bring energy into your space. If your stuck for ideas, why not keep it local and photograph your favourite beach, hiking trail or other happy place yourself?

Be sure to read our Top Ten Tips for Outdoor Phone Photography before you get started.

Get Green With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a quick and easy way to breath life in your space, literally. From cacti and rubber plants to fiddle leaf and palms, there are indoor plants available to suit every interior style. According to Better Homes and Garden, in 2019, the theme for indoor plants is ‘the bigger is better' so it's best to choose mature plants that already stand 1m+ tall to maximise their impact.

Another trend for indoor plants in 2019 is to mix up how your plants are displayed. Use different coloured pots in different sizes, play with scale by using plant stands, bookshelves and existing shelving, and hand indoor plants from the ceiling with macramé hangers.

Pop With Colour

Add a pop of colour to your bare walls with some vibrant art prints. This fun Apricot Rainbow print by Apricot Memoirs is a guaranteed mood-booster and is conveniently available as a digital download. Simply upload the digital file to Framer and we will professionally print it and custom frame it to order.

Go On Vacay Again

Remember those million photos you took on your last holiday? Pick out your favourites and frame them as beautiful pieces of art that will keep you relaxed all year round. Choose our Instagram frame for a neat little accent for your bedside table or bookshelf.

Choose Light Coloured Frames

Lighten the look of your space with beautiful white and blond timber frames for your photos and art. Our picks:





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