August 11, 2020


Picture frames and photo frames are often overlooked during the decorating process. But it's these finishing touches that create mood and give your space personality.

Whether you're redecorating your entire home, or freshening up a room, it's always pays to keep your look cohesive by honing in on one interior style. So, when designing your custom photo frame online with Framer, take a minute to consider your interior style.


Image: Lexington

Australia is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world, and as a nation of beach lovers, there’s no wondering why the coastal look is one of our most loved interior styles.

Paired back neutrals immediately unwind when you step through your front door. A calming palette of cream, caramel and soft sky blues are inspired by the sand and sea. Natural textures like shell, rattan, rope and the raw charm of pale driftwood are offset by the subtle gleam of gold and bronze.

Timber frames work best with this style, be it weathered, stained or painted white. Framer top picks: Whiteley Slim, Fanning, Winton Lite, Beachley Slim, Beachley Box, Blanchett Box.





Image: Mikel Irastorza

Boho interiors are a melding pot of colour, texture and pattern. Mixing old with new with reckless abandon, this glorious interior style is a perfectly imperfect blend of different cultures from different time periods.

Inside you’ll find various treasures you’ve collected throughout your travels. It doesn’t matter if things don’t match. In fact, it’s better when they don’t! Detailed fabrics and patterns, books, old art, mirrors, vintage pieces and travel memoirs are staples in this style. Rich colours and vintage textures make you feel like the walls have many juicy stories to share.


A mix match of timber and metallic frames and a range of colours work best for this style. Framer top picks: Kidman Lite, Edna, MombassaHughes Slim, Walleed and Ned Lite.




Image: House Beautiful

It’s hard to resist the charm of a country home, which is why the modern farmhouse look is creeping it’s way from the bush into busy city apartments and suburban homes around Australia. Bring it on we say!

Country interiors are warm, calm and welcoming and have a way of engaging all of your senses at once. Forget bold colours, it’s all about neutral backdrops - think whites and creams – and adding interest with contrasting accessories like original barn doors, vintage ladders and farmhouse cookers.

When it comes to frames for the modern farmhouse, a combination of classic white and neutrals works well, with a smattering of rustic timber styles to balance the old with new. Framer top picks: Whiteley Box, Barnsey, Hoges, Xavier, Kidman Box


Image: Home-Designing

Simplicity, subtle sophistication and clean lines are table stakes in any contemporary space. This timeless design style draws inspiration from silver screen icons Marilyn Munro and Audrey, and as a result, oozes class from every corner of the room.

When it comes to colour, less is more. A striking monochromatic colour palette keeps things fresh and sleek (and a little bit old world glam), with indulgent metallics such as rose gold, copper and brushed silver used to punch things up.

Frames styles that work well in contemporary spaces are clean, lean and sometimes let off a gleam. Think black and white, and black and white again. And maybe a few golds for good measure. Framer top picks: Whiteley Lite, Whiteley Box, Tina, Freeman, Hemsworth Slim, Hemsworth Box.


Image: Contemporist

There is no doubt that Scandi interiors are hot right now, and have been for quite some time. This gorgeous style hails all the way from Scandinavia and is characterised by minimal space, pale colours, natural materials and lean, leggy furniture.

Scandi style is a favourite among minimalists who praise its lack of fuss and clutter, proving it is much of a lifestyle as an interior design style. Think white wash walls, light wooden floors and lots of blonde timber furniture. Then add in a tightly edited collection of accessories and you have yourself a Scandilicious space.

Framer top picks: Beachley Lite or Slim, Beachley Box, Wintom Lite or Slim, Winton Box, Blacnhett Lite, Luhrman (rose gold).