August 25, 2019


Call it love at first sight. From the moment we laid eyes on the work of Australian artist, Angus Martin, we were completely taken aback by its fresh aesthetic and simplistic beauty. How he manages to capture such intimacy with such simple lines and colours is beyond us.

His work consists of intriguing faces, repetitive shapes and stunning single line drawings, which look absolutely stunning hanging on a wall in a beautiful minimalistic custom frame.

“I enjoy working with the one-line drawing technique as there is no right or wrong way to do this, and often the mistakes or imperfections become the most appealing part of the drawing” explains Angus.

As an art enthusiast, there is nothing better than knowing that your piece is completely original and unique to you. When you purchase from Angus, all artworks are unlimited original copies, not prints. Meaning the original piece you take home has been recreated by hand and completely unique in it's own way.

Angus draws inspiration from music, often listening to a song on repeat whilst painting, allowing him to hone in on a particular memory or feeling. “Music can resurface a lot of memories, and if I am drawn to a specific lyric or tune, I’m transported to a particular time or place.” says Angus.

Angus says a lot of his work is centred around relationships and the ‘feelings and experiences that follow’. It’s truly remarkable how he manages to capture such a variety of emotions through a humble little line.

The work of Angus Martin is a hit with our hearts and our heads. He is a complete sensation and we can’t wait to see more from his studio very soon.

When it comes to choosing a custom frame fit for this gorgeous Australian artwork, our advice is go simple, and go slim with your custom frame choices. Opt for light timber frames and black frames to ensure you complement, not compete with his work. Namatijira SlimNed Slim are our top picks.