May 31, 2019


Happiness most certainly comes in waves for Mid North Coast ocean and surf photographer, Chris ‘Hewy’ Hewgill. With over 21 years experience shooting all things salty, Hewy has become a master of capturing the power, energy and tranquility of the ocean and sport of surfing.

A keen surfer himself, Hewy knows the ocean like and old friend, which comes in handy when positioning himself to capture the perfect surf photo. So just how does he take the perfect photo of the Australian coast?

“I started out using the original Nikonos Camera in the 70′s for water photography — and over the last six years really came back to my passion using the Pentax K3, K5, and K7 cameras with Dave Kelly water housing, Pentax 10-17 mm fish eye lens & port, and for land-based work a Sigma 50-500 lens, with the recent addition of a Go Pro 3+ to the arsenal” explains Hewy.

As breathtaking as Hewy’s work is, he is so much more than just a lens bobbing around in the ocean. For over 20 years, Chris has worked with disadvantaged and neglected youth in the coastal town of Nambucca Heads. Stroll into town and mention his name and you’ll quickly learn that he has become somewhat of a role model, mentor and comforting pair of ears for many people in the community.

The full portfolio of surf and coastal inspired photographs from this frothing man-grom is available to view and purchase via the Hewy Surf website.

When it comes to custom framing coastal-inspired beach and surf photography like Hewy's, we recommend natural timber frames to compliment the raw beauty of the ocean. When selecting your photo frame, consider the colour of the landscape and choose a texture and colour that compliments not competes with the photo. Our top picture frames styles to try are our: Fanning frame,Blanchett Slim frame, Winton frame, Xavier frame, Namatijira Wide frame and the Ned Slim for black and white surf photographs.