Artist Spotlight: Milly and Mae

May 19, 2021
Artist Spotlight: Milly and Mae


If you like the sound of Australian art that is original, fun and affordable you’ll love the wonderful world of Milly and Mea. Dedicated to creating gorgeous art prints to brighten your world, this Melbourne based brand consistently serves up vibrant art pieces that make your walls pop and your home brim with personality. Each piece is completely original, affordable and available to buy fully framed and ready to hang.

Rachael and her team work incredibly hard to keep their large range of affordable artworks fresh and current by integrating trending colours and icons into their pieces. So be sure to bookmark their webstore and follow along on Instagram to see all the latest works as they are launched. You never know when the perfect piece of art for your space will hit you!

We’re excited to welcome the team at Milly and Mea to the Framer Artist Program, providing custom art framing for their beautiful prints. We recently caught up with Rachael to learn more about Milly and Mae and what keeps her inspired.


What inspired your to start Milly and Mae?

I managed a busy studio for many years before starting my family, we were always designing to someone else brief. As a designer I naturally had freelance clients and also my own projects on the side too, the juggle was real. I was unfortunately made redundant (blessing in disguise) and took that chance to focus on designing artwork that I was inspired to create, that made me feel happy and that hopefully others would enjoy to have in their homes.

How would you describe the style and vibe of Milly and Mae art prints?

Majority of my art prints are bold and vibrant, I struggle to stay away from colour so I refer to it as affordable happy art.

What do you love most about what you do?

The freedom and flexibility - designing day in and day out for someone else is enjoyable and fulfilling but you tend to lose your drive for your own creativity. I now get to think about what I want to do next and work that in to a well balanced family life.


Your top tip for choosing an art print for home?

Scale - Milly and Mae prints are generally designed to be viewed in large scales. Take a look at the space you have if its a big area don’t put a couple of small prints as it will look out of place. 

What is your favourite print in your store right now? 

Such a hard question - I do love my top seller and have a soft spot for her cause she was one of my first Milly and Mae creations, Australian beauty. But The print that makes me smile most at the moment is Hullaballoo.


What song is on high rotation on your Spotify account at the moment?

I’m a big fan of the 80s and 90s but my go to isn’t a single song, its a collection of songs from my wedding day. When I need to tune out and relax my mind into creative mode that collection of songs just takes my mind into a joyful space. Our first dance was to “Your guardian Angle - Red jump suit apparatus” an odd choice but still takes my breath away.


Shop the range of framed artworks from Milly and Mea here.

If you’re an artist, photographer or retailer and would like to learn more about our custom framing services, get in touch and ask about the Framer Artist Program. We’d love to hear from you!