November 16, 2020


With international travel off the table for a little while, this week we are taking a trip around the world through the work of Benjamin Kappler from Unpause Studio. Benjamin’s photographs teach us how to appreciate the beauty in simple moments like a vintage bicycle in Italy or a colourful Viranassi man sitting on the banks of the Ganges River. A man of the ocean, Benjamin’s vibrant and beautifully proportioned images are also a celebration of the magic of the ocean.

After many successful and much loved experiences working around the world with top companies like Apple, Benjamin chose to leave his career behind in pursuit of his passion. Bravo to that! We recently caught up with Benjamin to learn more about his work and what inspires his creative process.  


How long have you been a photographer?:

Essentially since 1996 as photography was a module in the Bachelor of Graphic Design degree I was pursuing. Back then it was all 35mm film on a Pentax K1000 and processing in a darkroom which I loved, but I've really levelled up this year as Covid brought on my own little mid life crisis and realising I need to be doing the things I love, things that make me happy. So I quit my job and bought some proper kit and created ''   

Tell us a little about your work and its style:

Being a lifelong designer, I focus on the fundamentals in a composition like scale, proportion, emphasis, alignment. I tend to gravitate towards having a single focal point, using the golden mean and rule of thirds to arrange the elements in the frame. I don't think I have a style per se, I actively try to go after different subject matter and conditions - variety is the spice of life.

What is your favourite thing to photograph and why?

If the sunrise is a thing, then that'd be it. To narrow that a bit it'd be a sunrise shot with some water in frame. 

What do you love most about what you do?

Chasing photos means getting out and about, getting off the couch and out of the pub or wherever. I love getting up before sunrise, getting the gear ready and heading out to the location - that's a real thrill especially for something like a moonset. The thing that pulled me in to photography was that act of capturing a single moment of life, preserved forever in that instant. That still feels very magical. 

What is your top tip for taking a great photo on your phone?

In a word, composition. I feel the thing that separates an iPhoneographer from a happy snapper is for the most part, how the elements in the frame are composed. No matter the equipment, the fundamentals are the same.

Where is the most beautiful location to shoot in Australia?

I wish I could answer that having been to more places. The most beautiful environment I've personally photographed is scuba diving The Great Barrier Reef. That's a perfect example of a place where words cannot do justice to the unfathomable magic going on down there.

What is your most popular shot in your webstore right now?

Ocean Gem - Bronte. Shop it here