Get The Gifts You Want With EasyRegistry

August 19, 2020
Get The Gifts You Want With EasyRegistry


Wedding gifts can be a little awkward all round. As the lovebirds getting married, you don’t want to seem presumptuous and directive with gifting guidelines, but equally you A). Want to receive some gifts (come on, be honest now) and B). Don’t want to end up with five cheese knives and ten rice cookers. On the other side of the fence are your guests, who truly want to gift you a thoughtful present to celebrate the special occasion. For many, turning up empty handed is not an option and they all want to give you something useful or something you’ll treasure.


A good way around this conundrum is using a gift registry. But with so many registries on the market it is hard to know which one is right for you. We’ve recently teamed up with Australian owned and operated company, EasyRegistry, who have helped thousands of Aussie couples and tens of thousands of guests experience an easy and fun gifting experience.


Here’s the thing, EasyRegistry is, well, easy! The best part about them is the flexibility they provide you and your guests the flexibility to mix and match physical gifts, experiences and vouchers from ANY store, including our online framing store, Framer. So rather than committing to just one type of gift, like homewares from David Jones, an adventure from Red Balloon, or a unique artwork from an artist in remote Australia, with EasyRegistry you can combine them all and end up with the combination of kitchenware, décor, experiences and  artworks you actually need and want.


We’re excited to be joining the EasyRegistry family, offering another thoughtful gift option for people celebrating a range of momentous occasions. From engagements and weddings, to baby showers and 40th birthdays, a custom framing package from Framer is always a thoughtful gift that goes down well. Recipients love to receive their best memories printed, framed and ready to hang. And guests love to give such a clever and considerate gift.


EasyRegistry understands that every event is different so is very accommodating to your needs. Maybe you’re a couple who has been living together for many years so you don’t need any appliances or homewares for wedding gifts; or maybe your partner is set to turn the big 5-0 and you want everyone to pitch in for the ultimate holiday experience to treat them. All you do is choose an item you want to include, find a matching image and input the cost. After the event, you’ll receive all your gift payments in cash and you’re free to spend the cash however you want. But please promise us, you won’t use it to pay bills!


For weddings you might include items like homewares, décor, an artwork, a honeymoon fund or having your wedding photos taken care of with a beautiful custom framing package that has them printed, framed and delivered to your door.


For a baby shower, you might include a cot, clothes, nappies, car seats, highchairs and an allowance to have some of those treasured newborn baby photos printed and framed.


For a milestone birthday like a 50th you might include things like tickets to a sporting event, restaurant vouchers, tech gadgets or a framed gallery featuring printed and framed photos of his favourite surf spots or a collafe frame of the best memories of the last 5 decades.



So, if you’re planning a big event have a think about setting up a gift registry to make the gift of giving a little easier for everyone involved. Don’t be held back by a curated list of gifts, with EasyRegistry you can add any gift no matter where it comes from. It’s free and easy to get started – head over to their website to learn more and create your ownonline gift registry today.