July 4, 2019


With improvements in camera phone technology, we are taking more photos than ever before. But sadly, many are left forgotten on our phones and USB sticks and never see the light of day. From your family photos, maternity shots, wedding photographs and travel snaps, Framer makes it easy and affordable to print and frame your digital photos. The best part? You can frame your photos online, without leaving the couch (or your glass of wine).

Custom framing your photos online with Framer is easy. Here's how it works:

STEP ONE: Upload your digital files


Once you've decide what photos you want to custom frame, visit our framing website at To get started, click the ‘Start Framing’ button on our homepage and select the type of file you would like to upload. You can upload a jpeg or connect straight to Instagram and choose a photo from there.

TIP: If you want to print and frame a photo stored on your phone, the easiest way to do it is to visit Framer on your mobile phone so you can select the photo from your phone's album.


If you fancy framing one of your Instagram photos, please note that due to their compressed file size, you will only be able to print them at one size – 13 x 13cm. If you want a larger image, you will have to upload the original image from your phone.

Once your image is uploaded, you can apply a filter to your image (or not) and select the size you'd like your photo printed. Use the drop down menu to view and select the sizes available for printing, which are based on your photo's resolution. Our minimum print resolution is 150 dpi, so if you don't see the size you want, it means the resolution of your file is not high enough and you’ll need to upload a larger file.

At this point you can also crop your image. Sometimes this will be required due to your file size – it might need a slight trim to make it fit into one of our standard sizes. Use the cropping tool by dragging the corners to the position you want and selecting ‘Apply Crop’.


STEP TWO: Design Your Frame


Preview your photos in a range of frames styles in our online frame shop. Filter and search for a particular colour - we have white frames, timber frames, black frames, brown frames, silver frames and gold frames. If you need some help selecting the best style for your photo, read our guide on Choosing the Perfect Frame.

Next you will be asked to select a mat board - white, off white, black or no mat. You can also opt for a 'Float Mount' at this step, which is a beautiful technique where your image is placed top of a white mat board (instead of behind) giving it the appearance that it is floating in the frame. If you're unsure, a classic white mat board is a good choice.

Once you are happy with the design of your frame, review and confirm your order.

STEP FOUR: Receive Your Custom Frame

Sit back, relax and wait for your beautiful frame to arrive. For uploaded digital files, printing and framing begins as soon as we receive your order and your finished frame will be delivered to your door in 7-10 business days, depending on your location.

Last but not least, it’s hang time baby! If you need help in this department, we’ve written a handy guide to help you on your way.

Happy Framing!