April 3, 2019


Being constantly glued to our phones is a pretty depressing feature of the world today. But it does have an upside. Capturing awesome photos is all about being in the right spot, at the right time. And our phones make for the perfect quick-draw-camera to pounce on the moment. Let’s face it, by the time you fossick in your bag, dig our your digital camera, turn it on, flick to the right setting, point and shoot, it's pretty likely that your dog would have already stepped off the skateboard.

The trick with taking a great phone photo is to make it look like it wasn’t taken on your phone at all. And with the technology behind today's smart phones, it's actually not as hard as you might think. We’ve put together a few handy hints to help you turn those blurred selfies into stunning strokes of genius that you'll definitely want to print and custom frame and show off to your friends.

1. Snap, snap and snap some more

Not even the best photographers in the world walk into a photo-shoot and take only one shot. When it comes to capturing 'the one', it really is a case of, more is more. Keep moving around and adjusting your angles. Even if you don't think the moment is right, just keep pressing the button - you'll be surprised what candid moment's you can catch. Don't overthink it. Once you’re done, you can scroll back through your camera roll and delete any photos you don’t like, and earmark those to be printed and custom framed with our easy online custom framing tool.

2. Let there be light

Paying more attention to light is a quick way to improve your shots. In many cases, having good natural light can even be more important to the subject itself. Always opt for natural light over artificial – open those curtains and doors and let the sunshine flow in. You want to try and have the light on or around your subject as much as possible. A good trick on the iPhone is to tap on different parts of your phone's camera screen to adjust the exposure.

Image source: Kenny Smith @kennysmithshoots


3. Change your perspective

Where you shoot from can completely change up the story behind your photo. Are you down at eye level with your cat, or up high looking down on your little bambino? Maybe you’re even behind the breakers watching them roll into shore. Photographs with interesting perspectives make for great art pieces and look fabulous printed, custom framed and hung in your home.

4. Be a fly on the wall

Posing for photos seems so outdated (#awkwardfamilyphotos). Plus, you’ll rarely capture the true essence of the moment by asking someone to stop what they are doing and smiling for the camera. Especially when shooting kids and pets! Instead, try a more subtle approach and immerse yourself into the activity and snap away without your subject even knowing your camera is out.

Image source: Carly McDonagh (@these.sonny.days)

Once you've nailed the perfect shot, don't hide it away on your phone or post it on Instagram then forget about it. In three simple steps, we can help you print your photos, frame your photos and hang them on your walls for you to forever enjoy. Start custom framing today!