Make A Beautiful Memory Wall in Four Easy Steps

October 16, 2020
Make A Beautiful Memory Wall in Four Easy Steps


The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way. There have been tears, smiles, joy, excitement, fear, surprises, battles, achievements and lots of love. And while the tears eventually dry and the smiles sometimes fade, our memories can last forever thanks to the power of photography.


A memory wall is a collection of framed photos documenting all the good times you’ve had over the years. New cultures experienced, mountains conquered, vows spoken, first steps taken, candles blown out, finish lines crossed. All of these precious moments printed, framed and hung together in a striking wall arrangement in your home. 


Creating a memory wall is easier than you think and a fantastic way to tell the story of your family in your home. At Framer, we’ve put together a guide to help you create a memory wall for your home using our simple and stylish online framing service.


Step One

The first step is to choose a space for your memory wall. Many types of walls can make great choices but we always recommend choosing a large space in a common area like a living room, dining area or hallway. A family is what makes a home truly special. Having your most treasured family moments on display for all to see is an instant mood booster and great conversation starter.



Step Two

The next step is to select the photos for your memory wall. This might be difficult, but it’s a really enjoyable process as you relive all the emotions of strolling through memory lane. We love choosing a mixture of big milestone moments such as weddings and birthday parties with more every day moments that truly capture the essence of what your family is about. A sandy baby bum at the beach, snowflakes being tasted for the first time, a tiny finger gripping grandpa's hand. Don’t agonise over this step, you can always add and swap out photos later. The important thing is to just get started!


Whilst selecting your memories, consider the size of the space you are working with. If you have a long hallway one idea is to create a uniform line of framed photos, which allows you to use larger frames.  Alternatively, a rectangular space above a couch or dining table looks great with a neat grid of smaller same-sized frames.



Step Three

Now that you’ve selected your photos, things get easy as our team here at Framer is dedicated to making the process of printing and framing your photos a breeze. Simply upload your photos to our online framing tool; choose the size you want them printed; and select your frame and matboard. We will handle the rest, printing, custom framing and delivering to your door.


In terms of a frame style for each of your photos, whilst we do like an eclectic look featuring many different frame types and colours, our recommendation is to use the same size and colour frame for each photo in your memory wall. It creates a more cohesive, streamlined and elegant look that doesn't distract from the photos themselves. 


Our top choice is any of our gallery ‘frames’, such as our clean white Whiteley or classic black Hemsworth. Or if timber is your thing, we love the Winton and Namatjira options. When using our online framing tool, you can preview your photos in all of our frames and choose the style that looks best.



Step Four

Once you have your photos printed and framed, it’s hang time! Before you get the tools out, it pays to spend a few minutes planning your layout. Tracing around your frames onto paper then taping the pieces of paper onto the wall will give you a really accurate indication of how your wall will look once hung. You can also do earlier in the process to help you decide which size frames to order.


All custom photo frames from Framer come with hanging hardware and are completely ready to hang. So simply, line up the frame on the paper and mark the points on the wall for where your nails should go. Then simply tap in a nail or screw and hang your frames. Boom, you are done!


So there you have it, in four simple steps (and plenty of help from an easy online framing service like Framer), you can create a beautiful memory wall for your best photos. Celebrating and preserving your best memories with family and friends, all whilst making a beautiful interior design statement.

Get started today with our online framing tool. If you need help along the way, feel free to get in touch with our team. We are always happy to help!