July 21, 2019



Nothing gives you a case of the guilts like throwing out a piece of artwork created by your little Picasso. But we also get that there's only so many finger paintings you can fit on your fridge door. So, how do you show off your kids’ artwork without compromising your home’s interior style?

Read our guide on custom framing kids artwork.

1. Be Selective - If we framed every piece of art that our kids’ came home with, we’d need another house. Make that two. So, it’s important to put on your art curator hat and get selective. Try and pick out the pieces that ‘wowed’ you, or make you smile. Those are the ones you need to put in a frame.

2. Create A Gallery Wall - Given the body of work your kids will produce over the years, why not consider dedicating a space exhibit their talent. Gallery walls are a great way to show off lots of pieces in a small space, plus with this format you can easily swap-out pieces as your children mature in their ‘artistic ability’.

Check out our how-to guide for creating the perfect gallery wall here.

3. Pick Your Frame Wisely - When framing children’s artwork, it’s tempting to opt for a fun coloured frames. However, given the bright colours and lucid shapes that have probably been used in the artwork, a classic slim black framewhite frame or silver frame is a smart choice as it will draw your eye straight to the art, and keep the entire look true to your home’s décor.

4. Consider A Float Mount - Float mounting is a beautiful way to display your child’s artwork. As the name suggests their piece will appear like it is floating above the mat board, making it a great way to show off the edges of the artwork – we all know kids like to paint right to the edges! To achieve this look, instead of layering a mat board with an opening over the top of your child’s art, it will be placed on top of the mat board to create a subtle touch of depth and shadow.

5. Place Your Order - When you place your custom frame order with Framer, choose the option to ‘Mail In’ your artwork and we’ll send your some secure, pre-paid packaging to use. Inside you’ll find detailed instructions on how you should safely pack and send your artwork back to our studio for custom framing.

6. Hang It - Once you have your favourite pieces of artwork framed, it’s time to show it off to the world. Try hanging it in your kid’s bedroom or nursery, or down the hallway leading to their room. Framed kids art also makes great gifts for the grandparents or anyone who needs their work desk jazzed up (we're looking at you Dad!).


Image: Bright Star Kids



Image: Decoist