November 13, 2019

If I could give my 38-week-pregnant self some advice, it would be to take more photos (and videos) of my baby’s first day. We managed to take a few shots during the whirl-wind, but there were many more little moments I wish we had captured. So, we’ve put together a list of shots you will want to take when they finally arrive earthside. Make sure you print off the list and share it with your partner and family so they can help.


1. The First Hello – Mum Holding Bub For The First Time

After nine months of waiting (and god knows how long of huffing and puffing), your baby has finally arrived! Brief your partner (or someone in the room) to capture the moment you see your baby for the first time. It’s a photo you’ll treasure forever.


A First Hello For Mum - Image: Anna Todd Photography, Sydney.


2. Skin-On-Skin

You've probably read about all the health benefits of holding your baby skin-to-skin. It not only calms your baby and helps to stablise their vitals, but it’s also one of the best ways to bond with them outside the womb. Capturing that moment when they curl up on your chest like a snuggly joey, is sure to make you weep for years to come.


Mum and Bub Skin-to-Skin Bonding - Image: Lauren Douglas Photography, Townsville.


3. First Feed

Whether you're planning to breast or bottle feed, feeding your baby is on of the most natural things to do in the world. This is a great moment to capture on camera, because not only has baby arrived, but you have arrived as a mother.


Mum and Baby Feeding Time - Image: Grateful Heart Photography, Melbourne.


4. Meeting The Family

Capturing the moment grandparents or siblings meet baby for the very time is magical. Be a fly on the wall and try to take candid shots to show the raw love, wonder and awe in the room. Both you and your children will look back on these shots in years to come, like the moment was only yesterday.


Big Bro Meets Little Br - Image: Flickr: ben_grey


5. Dad With Baby 

They may not have been able to share the same with baby as you did throughout the pregnancy, but the moment a father holds his son or daughter for the first time is very powerful. Be sure to capture it!


Dad Holds His DaughterFor The First Time - Image: Mellawler Photography, Melbourne.


6. Mum With Baby

Once you’ve recovered from the physical and mental Everest that is childbirth, ask someone to take a photo of you bonding with your baby. Mums are so often the ones behind the camera, but having shots of you and baby together is priceless and important for curious children in years to come.


Mum Bonding With Newborn - Image: Liane Bourke, Melbourne.


7. Newborn Yawn

Bright lights, loud noises and funny smells! Life outside the womb is a lot to take in for new babies. It’s pretty common to see some pretty impressive yawns throughout their first day on earth, so have your camera ready and pounce when you see one launching.


Being Born Is Exhausting - Image: Sara Bresser Photography, Perth.


8. The Deep Sleep

There is nothing sweeter than seeing your little sweet sleep. Most babies are pretty sleepy for the first day - I remember thinking I had a 'great sleeper', needless to say that all changed! When you have them bundled up and tucked in, take a few shots of their precious resting faces before grabbing some shut eye for yourself. Bonus, you’ll also have proof of your amazing new swaddling skills...or fails in my case.


The Deep Sleeping Newborn - Image: Tracey Weaver


9. Tiny Newborn Feet

Everybody loves to look at tiny baby feet. Capture memories of those wrinkled tootsies before they're huge, stinky and running amuck in your house.


Newborn Feet -Image: Grateful Heart Photography, Melbourne.


10. The Finger Grasp

One very specific moment I wish we photographed, printed and framed, is my son’s minute-old hand holding my husband’s finger. It may have been a primitive reflex, but it was so special...and the first of many hand holdings to come.


Newborn Baby Finger Grasp - Image: Mel Lawler Photography, Melbourne.


11. Mum's POV

A mother’s love is very difficult to capture. One way to get close is by shooting from mum's POV. Ask your partner to shoot over your shoulder to freeze frame those loving emotions you feel as you look down at your best achievement yet.


Newborn Snuggles From Mum's POV - Image:Sheridan Nilsson, Sydney.


12. A Family Photo

This one might sound obvious, but getting a photo of the moment two became three is definitely a photo for the mantel.


The New Family - Image: Rushes and Waves