April 1, 2019


Mailing in a pre-printed item for framing? We’ve put together some handy instructions for you to follow to ensure your piece arrives at our framing studio safe and sound.

For large prints, posters and artworks we recommend rolling your art, so we will have sent you a sturdy Packing Tube to use. For things that can’t be rolled like thick card or small items like photographs, we would have sent you a secure Flat Mail Pack to use.

Packing Tube Instructions

  • First up, it’s a good idea to wash your hands, and if you’ve got them, pop on a pair of white cotton gloves. It’s very easy to mark and smudge your artwork, even with just the natural oils on your hand. So try and minimize your touch, especially in the main visible areas of the print.
  • Set yourself up on a clear table or on the floor, with plenty of space. Have your artwork and all your materials within reach.
  • Lay your artwork on the flat surface facing up. Place 1x piece of brown paper over the printed area, to protect it. If the brown paper is too large, cut it down to size.
  • Carefully roll the print and brown paper, starting with the printed area facing upwards towards you. This not only protects the printed area better, it also rolls the paper the opposite way to it’s natural roll, so it will de-curl the paper when we open it up in our studio.
  • Once you have rolled your artwork (with the brown paper), please wrap the second piece of brown paper around the outside of the roll. Apply 2-3 small pieces of sticky tape to the outside piece of brown paper, careful not to stick it to your artwork inside. This will enclose your art and ensure it doesn’t unfurl when inside the tube.
  • Once rolled carefully place your piece inside the tube. Depending on the size of your print, it may fit perfectly, or it might have room to slide around and be damaged. If there too much room between the ends of the print and the tube caps, please make a little padded buffer with the bubble wrap provided and then taping them to hold it all together. Place these buffers at both ends of the tube.
  • Next, secure the caps of the tube using the thick packing tape provided. Ensure the caps are secure and will not pop off during transit.
  • Finally, apply the return-shipping label to the outside of the tube. Please ensure the label is applied flat with the address clearly visible.

Please avoid rolling the art too tightly – you will notice the tube we’ve sent is fairly wide, so try and keep your roll just under the diameter of the tube. This will ensure your artwork doesn’t kink.

NB. Please avoid simply rolling and inserting your artwork straight into the tube and letting it unroll to fill the tube. This makes it very difficult for us to get out.

NB. If you are using your own tube and not the one we provided, please ensure it is sturdy and cannot be crushed.


Flat Mail Pack Instructions

  • Lay your artwork on the flat surface facing up. Carefully wrap the print with the acid-free tissue paper provided. Wrap it like you would a present, applying sticky tape to secure it together at the back. Please ensure the sticky tape only contacts tissue paper and not your piece.
  • To protect your print against moisture, wrap the tissue-covered artwork with the piece of plastic sheeting provided. Use tape to seal all areas where water can enter and cause damage.
  • Place the wrapped artwork between the two pieces of cardboard, forming a “sandwich”. Ensure the borders of the foam board overlap a few centimetres beyond all edges of the artwork.
  • Wrap the foam sandwich with the bubble wrap provided, securing with tape at the back.
  • Place the bubble-wrapped sandwich inside the mail pack provided ad secure tightly.
  • Finally, apply the return-shipping label to the outside of the mail pack. Please ensure the label is applied flat with the address clearly visible.

Once you have securely packed your artwork, apply the pre-paid shipping label to the front so it is clearly visible. Then simply visit any Australia Post store and drop it to the counter.

If you have any questions or run into issues along the way, please get in touch with us as we’re always happy to help.