May 8, 2019


Floating, mounting, mat boards, full bleed and more. We know, it sounds like an unpleasant gym routine, but we assure you, when it comes to custom framing, float mounting and mat boards are your best friends.

So what does it all mean?


Full-Bleed Printing

Full-bleed printing (or choosing ‘no mat board’) is when your image or artwork goes right to the edge of the frame, without a border of empty space around it. With full-bleed framing only a tiny margin of your image or artwork is overlapped by the frame on each side.

Printing and framing full-bleed (with no mat) is very trendy within interior design circles at the moment, with it being a popular choice for many artists, photographers and stylists.

Customer image: Little Nicki // Featured frame: Whiteley Slim // Mat Board: Full-bleed (no mat)

Customer image: Concrete & Honey // Featured frame: Winton // Mat Board: Full-bleed (no mat)


Framing With A Mat Board

Mat board is the cardboard-like material, which sits as a border around your photograph or artwork. When framing with a mat board, your photos and art sit behind the mat board and are visible through the mat board opening, which has an angled (bevelled) inner edge

Above Image: Mat boards sit over your photos and art, with the image opening having an angled (bevelled) edge.


Framing with a mat board gives your photos and art some breathing room, and is a great way to focus the eye inward towards your centerpiece. It is a great option for personal photos and art prints.

At Framer, we offer two sizes of mat boards – slim and wide. When custom framing with our Slim Mat, there will be a 50mm wide border around each side of your art, and with our Wide Mat, there will be a 100mm wide border on each side of your art.


Featured frame: Beachley // Mat Board: Slim White (50mm)

Featured frame: Jackman Wide // Mat Board: White White (100mm)


At Framer, our mat boards come in three colours – white, off-white and black. Coloured mat boards (we’re talking pinks and blues) not only limit where you can hang your framed art, but they can also fight with the art itself. Whilst neutral colours like white, cream or black (for darker prints) will isolate the image from the frame and allow the art to shine.

Now for some nerd talk - all of our mat boards at Framer are pH neutral and have a white core. This is important because it means they are nice and thick and won’t turn yellow over time (eww).


If you’d like to discuss alternate mat board sizes or colours, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.


Framing With A Float Mount

Float mounting is a beautiful way to display your artwork. As the name suggests, a float mount means your artwork sits on top of the mat board to give it the appearance that it is floating. Float mounting is a great choice for original art; when you have a piece with textured or uneven edges that you want to show off; or your want to display an artist’s signature.

To achieve this look, instead of layering a mat board with an opening over your art, your artwork is first mounted onto a thin piece of foam board and then mounted onto the mat. This raises your art so that it appears to hover within the frame, with a 50mm white border around all sides of your art.

Image Source: Little House Big City

Image Source: Kristjana S Williams Studio


At Framer we offer one colour and size for float mounting – white and slim (50mm). If you’d like to discuss other colours and size options, please get in touch. A float mount creates a visual effect that can enhance the overall look of your art. If you’re unsure if it is right for your piece, get in touch. We’d be happy to help you decide.