Stylemaker: Sloane Square

25th May,2018
Stylemaker: Sloane Square

Sloane Square is a beautiful online children’s boutique owned and operated by Australian businesswoman and mama, Elizabeth Windfield. Filled with elegant beachy clothes and accessories for children, Sloane Square is a must visit for those who love to do the great outdoors in style. To our delight, Liz's eye for style extends beyond her children's wardrobes and into their bedrooms, with both her babette's boasting seriously gorgeous bedrooms filled with beautiful decor and framed nursery art. An avid Instagram snapper and long-time customer of Framer, we caught up with Liz to get her top tips for photographing children and decorating children's bedrooms with framed art.

Q. What are your top tips for decorating nurseries and children's bedrooms?

Liz: A stylish mobile has been an essential for both of my babies. I have one from Pottery Barn Kids that was the result of a length search for something beautiful to look at with neutral calming colours, yet also played music. It has worked wonders in taming screaming a bedtime.

I also believe the cot (or bed) should be a statement feature. Invest in something timeless that you love to look at that can be handed down to your younger children.

Finally, I always look for a neutral or white wall that can be decorated with beautiful prints or photos. I feel this has a calming effect on everyone, and provides entertainment for little eyes when they pop open that little bit too early in the morning.

Image Source: Ten22Studio

Q. When it comes to framed art for kid's bedrooms, who are your favorite artists to hang?

Liz: I love Something For Fay, which is a gorgeous store owned and run by another Australian Business Mum in Sydney. Pottery Barn Kids is a larger store but has dreamy wall art and also some beautiful quotes that can be framed. We also have a gorgeous pastel world map up on the wall from Typo. which I bought it on impulse just before Sloane was born.

Q. Your Instagram is beautiful, what are your top tips for taking a great photo of the kids?

Liz: Try and give them an activity to do and keep them focussed on that for a few minutes. For example, I am always saying ‘can you find me a flower?’ outside. It keeps them distracted and provides a few interesting angles.

Don’t force it. If it’s not going to happen, there is no point in getting stressed about it – it is literally impossible to stage a photo with a toddler and have them stand still and do what would like them to if they aren’t in the mood.

Light is king. There are many amazing apps available to help edit your photos, however, if it was a dark and grainy photo to begin with there is very little that can be done.

Q. What is the last thing you had framed?

Liz: In a brilliant stroke of fortune, I was able to capture a photo of my daughter, Sloane, giving her little brother a kiss whilst dressed in a tutu. They were both distracted by each other and it worked perfectly. I uploaded the photo from my phone to Framer immediately - it was too precious not to have custom framed! I chose the Blanchett Slim frame because it is had a beautiful smokey grey timber finish, which complemented the photo perfectly. Sloane was so excited to see herself printed and framed, the picture currently roams around the house, although I do like to have it on my desk.

Q. Answer honestly, how many digital photos do you have currently sitting on your phone?

Liz: Oh my goodness. I keep trying to save my digital photos onto a hard drive and they are spread out over various apps. But on the phone camera roll there are currently about 5000 photos! I have a lot more online framing to do ;-)

If you're looking for something to make you and your babe feel wonderful, head over to the Sloane Square boutique. Get 10% off your purchase with the code 'framersloane' at the checkout!

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