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FRAMING YOUR canvas artworks ONLINE

We've made it easy to float fame your stretched or rolled canvas artworks. Simply send us your canvas artwork and we carefully stretch it around a timber bracket, then frame inside a sleek float frame. Prices vary depending on the artwork, canvas size and your shipping location. 


  • The easy way to frame your canvas

    Do you have a canvas artwork rolled in a tube under your bed? We've made it super simple to finally have it framed. We'll end you secure, pre-paid packaging for you to use so you can send it safely to our studio. Then we will carefulyl stretch it and frame it inside a sleek floating frame. Floating frames create a polished look for canvas artworks that keeps them safe and make them feel more complete.

  • Four colours to choose from

    Our floating frames for canvas artworks come in four colours - black, white, light oak timber and dark brown timber. This means there is a colour to not only suti your artwork but also you interior style. If your canvas is already stretch, get in touch for instructions on how to send it to our studio..

  • Premium quality

    Framing your canvas art is our art. Once your canvas artwork arrives at our studio we take our time to measure it and prepare it for framing. We then stretch it around a framer bracket and place it inside a sleek timber floating frame, which acts as a case around your art. The result is a polished look that also protects your canvas from damage.


When it comes to artwork, it’s hard to beat an original painted straight onto cavnas. There is something about the textures of each brush stroke that capture the eye and connect you directly to the artist that painted it. If you’ve ever purchased a canvas artwork and it is still rolled under your bed, you are not alone. Many of us are excited to purchase the artwork then feel overwhelmed with what to do next. Sound familiar? Read on.

Framing your art is our art. We have a collection of premium floating frames designed to elevate and protect your canvas artwork, and in just three simple steps you can arrange to have your canvas artwork stretched and framed with a floating frame and delivered back to your door. All without leaving your house.

What is a floating frame?

As the name suggests, the canvas floating frame gives the appearance that the artwork is floating inside the frame. Whilst traditional frames use a lip to hold the art, mats, backing and glass neatly inside the frame, a floating frame has no such lip and the art is mounted from the front. The artwork sits completely inside the box-style frame, with a small gap between the edge of the canvas and the frame. 

Floating frames have become popular for holding original canvas artworks because the combination of the glassless front and the small gap ensures that all the art is exposed including the artist’s signature and paint details on the wrapped edges. They are a great way to provide a more polished look for your artwork, without taking away from the detailed textures and unique quirks of the art. 

Why should you use floating frames?

  • Protect your art - There’s a reason white floating frames are found in galleries around the world. Sure they look good, but they also work wonders to protect your painting from bumps, scrapes and dings over time.
  • Offer a more finished look - When displaying contemporary art, a floating frame adds a modern touch and fits well with contemporary home styles. The sleek border elevates the overall look of the piece, without taking away the focus from the art itself.

What can a floating frame display?

Floating frames are versatile enough to hold any type of canvas art, and look particularly smart with contemporary art pieces. Whether it is a landscape of the Australian outback or a pencil portrait, you can have it mounted on a floating frame beautifully by one of our experienced framers. If your canvas is still rolled, no problem. We will hand stretch it onto a stretcher bar, before placing inside one of our handmade floating frames. We will send a courier to collect your artwork and return it safely to our studio. If your canvas is already stretched, you will need to arrange transport to our studio, and then we simply measure and create a bespoke floating frame to fit it perfectly. We will then send your framed canvas artwork back to any address in Australia via our safe and secure courier network. 

If you’re interested in framing digital photos in a floating frame, check out of Framed Photo Canvas.

Start framing 

Getting started is easy. Press the ‘start framing’ button on our homepage and choose the option to ‘mail in’ a canvas art. Measure your canvas and select one of our standard sizes, or enter the dimensions of your artwork. Select your frame and confirm your payment details. It’s that easy! We will then arrange a courier to collect your canvas to bring it back to our studio for framing and return it to you within 21 business days depending on your location.

If you have any questions about your artwork or which floating frame will best suit your canvas, you can talk to our expert framers today.